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  • February 7, 2021

Capturing the beauty around us.

When I think back to the hours I spent developing grainy, blurred images in the darkrooms of Coventry University Journalism Department, in the hope of getting one fantastic image, It really was a labour of love.

These days, I’m so thankful for the digital medium and have no desire to revisit the cold sting of developer fluid. For one thing, I now have much more time to focus on capturing the image and less time spent worrying if my darkroom skills will do it justice.

Traditionalists may argue that we are all photographers these days and the profession has been diluted, but I disagree. The advancements in digital cameras and the quality of image obtainable from a mobile phone has really pushed photographers to new realms of creativity and expression. In a sea of mundane Instagram snaps we have become more demading of an image that stirs and excites, and that is a good thing.

The divide between high and popular culture has been narrowed through photography because everyone who owns a smart phone will own a camera. But the skill of a good photographer is in the subject, the message, the drama. composition, timing and an understanding of lighting and resolution. These skills are still the arsenal of the professional photographer and photo agencies will still demand the highest level of creativity and quality for an image being used in the commercial domain.

A small selection of my photography can be viewed and used for free here:

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