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Let me introduce myself

There is no greater motivator for me, than knowing that my involvement will affect your business outcomes positively. If I have learnt anything in my twenty plus years in business, it’s that, it is possible to make a tangible and lasting difference in a short amount of time. I recognise that every interaction I have, is an opportunity to make a positive impact on others.

As a flexible, self-employed consultant, I am able to respond to your business needs at short notice, whether the requirement is to step in to cover an urgent project delivery, temporary cover due to human resource shortage, interim consultancy or a longer-term requirement, full or part-time.

With both UK and over ten years international experience, working in the United Arab Emirates, I have the skills and experience to develop your business into new markets in UK and across EMEA, and add fresh insight into marketing strategies. I have expertise in business planning and creation of new businesses and products, the development of digital marketing, content, websites, ecommerce and mobile app development too. From start-ups to multinational organisations, retail, utilities, telecommunications, software, education, real estate, ecommerce, travel, plus many more, my experience allows me to adapt quickly to new environments.

No need for complicated administration or time consuming HR procedures, just a daily rate and flexible contract.  Contact me by phone or email at anytime for a straightforward discussion about your needs.

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